The Lonesome Ace Stringband


The Lonesome Ace Stringband


  • March 6, 2018 - Showtime: 8:00pm

Tickets are $20/$25 CLICK HERE

The Lonesome Ace Stringband brings grit, skill, and abandon to old-time Appalachian folk songs and fiddle/banjo tunes. Band members Chris Coole (banjo), John Showman (fiddle), and Max Heineman (bass) share a deep respect for the roots of the music, a keen sense of innovation to the performance and material, and a passion for the sound that transcends both. 2018 will see the band release its third album When the Sun Comes Up, which takes a step away from the traditional repertoire of the first two recordings and features the song writing of all three members. This is old-time music for today’s old soul.


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