Mostly Wanted W/ Beauty Killed the Beast & Guests


Beauty Killed the Beast
Mostly Wanted


  • February 16, 2018 - Doors at: 6:00pm

Mostly Wanted kicks off their Dry, Cold, Canadian Winter Tour in Regina with Beauty Killed the Beast and guests TBA. Come out for a great night and make sure to come early for $6 wings!

Mostly Wanted. 2012, in a secret laboratory just outside of Saskatoon, SK. Scientist developed what they call… the gene. Not only did they create the best looking men on planet earth but also, the most talented, well endowed and smartest men of all time. They gave them guitars and said, play. And with that Mostly Wanted was born. Fusing music with sex, Mostly Wanted has become GQ’s Sexiest band of all time. Beating out Steven Tyler, Chad Kroger, and even the leatherman himself Keith Richards. Mostly Wanted. Everything you could dream of.


Beauty Killed the Beast’s brand of energetic, upbeat pop-punk is a style of music that is less prominent in the Saskatchewan scene. Their approach is to incorporate each member's diverse influences - rock, pop, punk, and metal - to create a sound that is dynamic and original. BKTB is committed to delivering a memorable live performance in which the entire crowd is on their feet and absorbed by the music. Beauty Killed the Beast’s positive attitude and determination granted them the honour of sharing the stage with reputable Canadian acts Silverstein and Seaway during their 2017 North American tour.


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