Hollow Oax with The Pxrtals and Cryptorchids


Hollow Oax
The Cryptorchids
The Pxrtals


  • January 6, 2018 - Showtime: 10:00pm

19+ w/ Valid ID
Tickets available at the door. 

COME EARLY & STAY LATE! $3.75 highballs/$6 doubles + $4 bottles of Boh from 9-10pm & 1-2am.

Hollow Oax delves into dark, yet at times hauntingly bright sounds that are truly unique. Former frontman Jon Walker from the Saskatchewan based psych-punk band Pandas In Japan embarks on a solo journey, and sometimes with a little help from friends.
LISTEN: https://hollowoax.bandcamp.com/

The Pxrtals - The sound of Roy Orbison's spirit trekking an ageless forest.
LISTEN: https://thepxrtals.bandcamp.com/

The Cryptorchids have returned from the grave. Bringing you all the FourChordGoreCorePostWarGwarCore you've missed over the last 8 years. They will dazzle, entrance and disturb you with tales of the grotesque and wretched while making you want to bustamove.


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