On 11 featuring Opal Stone @ The Revival Music Room


On 11
Opal Stone


  • December 16, 2017 - Doors at: 7:00pm

Doors – 7 p.m.
Opal Stone – 8:30 p.m.
On 11 – 9:30 p.m.
+Dance party to follow until close+


Opal Stone is an artistic dynamic prog-rock-fusion project lead by award-winning Canadian singer/songwriter/producer, Mandy Ebel (MYLA). With influences ranging from Tool, Opeth, Alanis Morissette, No Doubt, Portishead and many more, Opal Stone carries it’s own divergent sound that cannot be calculated.

Breaking free of Opal Stones diverse gritty guitar riffs, luminous chord arrangements, sporadic lassoing bass, and intense keyboard melodies stands singer/guitarist; Myla’s, soulful, edgy vocals of operatic bursts and expressive introspective lyrics metaphorically exposed.

Opal Stone’s listeners embark on an audacious and alluring escapade of ambient rays and dark demons. Yet all throughout, one cannot evade the grooving accents of latin, spanish, and middle eastern temperament.

Opal Stones’ expansive and embracing coalition of their fusion makes it all the more enticing to be apart of. You’ll find your blood pumping through your veins in rhythm to Opal Stone’s masterworks, either at a festival or meditating in your sanctuary.

*** ABOUT ON 11 ***

“You guys are so much fun!”

This is On 11’s favourite review, and one they hear often from members of a crowd, event organizers, and venue managers alike. Since forming in 2016, this five piece party rock cover band from Regina, Saskatchewan has been very well-received on cabaret, club, and festival stages across the province by never forgetting their mission statement:
“Every show is a house party, and the audience is the guest of honour.”

On 11 puts a lot of effort into keeping its always evolving song list of crowd pleasers musically tight, and making sure their four-part harmonies are spot on, because they understand that for the fun to happen the band needs to sound great, and offer a song list that has just the right mix of today’s hits, 70s/80s/90s classics, and sing along party anthems.

This formula has allowed the band to secure rotation at some of the most popular clubs in Saskatchewan, and they have been told by staff and management at these venues that what truly sets them apart is their willingness to go the extra mile to create an experience. That might involve having someone from the crowd up on stage to help sing or play an instrument, or playing “name that tune” and buying a beverage for the winner, or whatever else it might take to make sure everyone in the room has a memorable evening.

The band also loves to ask the crowd for requests, and their extensive repertoire allows them to honour most of them.

A great time is always had by all… Just don’t ask the band to describe what a dancefloor looks like, because they’ve never seen one – it’s always covered with people.

Oh yes, they also have an extensive repertoire of terrible jokes.

Check out On 11 for all your party rockin’ needs!



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