Tomato/Tomato @ Maurice Taylor Performing Arts Theatre




  • March 2, 2018 - Showtime: 7:30pm


Maurice Taylor Performing Arts Theatre

Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada

New Brunswick-based bluegrass darlings Tomato/Tomato charmed the East Coast with the release of their debut album So It Goes. The quirky duo is currently setting its sights on the rest of the world with their sophomore effort, I Go Where You Go. Currently touring in support of the album, husband/wife team John and Lisa are a must see act. The duo has an energetic presence and a unique setup, with Lisa multitasking on a number of percussive instruments (washboard, tin cans, bass drum, and tambourine). Complete with gorgeous harmonies and wonderful storytelling, Tomato/Tomato’s live show shines from start to finish.



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