Prairie Debut presents The Proteus Saxophone Quartet


Proteus Saxophone Quartet


  • February 14, 2018 - Showtime: 7:00pm

Proteus Saxophone Quartet Tommy Davis, Holly DeCaigny, Mark Michalak, and Michael Morimoto; saxophones Formed in 2011, Proteus Saxophone Quartet met while the four members were studying in France. Upon return and now living across Canada, Proteus unites throughout the year for intensive projects, which have taken them through Western Canada, the USA and France. Each musician is a soloist in their own right and is active as a performer and teacher in their respective communities. Along with performing for festivals and concert series, they strive to perform music from many styles, which feature the saxophone and its diverse personas. They include works from the classical saxophone canon, popular tunes, and modern interpretations of non-idiomatic works for the saxophone. By programming interesting and engaging concerts, they aim to entertain and to educate the public about the vast range offered by the saxophone.



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