Wake, Adolyne, Dour


  • March 11, 2017 - Doors at: 9:00pm

Somnambulist Sound System presents an evening of fury and disobedience:
Saturday March 11th - 2017
Vangelis Tavern
Doors 9 PM - 19+ 

"When it comes to grindcore, few bands these days can top the overwhelming barrage of wrath and aggression unloaded on the listener/spectator by Calgary’s WAKE. In a career spanning a mere seven years, this Canadian unit of aural assassins have brought terror and war to crowds all over the northern hemisphere, destroying venues across Europe and North America on multiple occasions, and establishing them selves as an infamous and unstoppable killing machine when it comes to performing live".

"...really [sic] good if abrasion, self-loathing, discord and flirtations with the edge of out of control gets you hard/wet.” - Kevin Stewart-Panko, Decibel Magazine
"More than a band, it's a primal scream, a rejection of comfort, and a point of convergence for all extremes and abysses" - Metal Oddities
Exhausted misanthropes, world weary mess-ups, and End-Times enthusiasts gather 'round, we've got your house-band right here.

Dour - Instagram: @dourbandsk 
Extreme music Voltron fresh out of the womb featuring former members of Narcissistic, Silent Era/Dirty wounds, Black Tremor. Be on time, you will be a sorry fool to miss this.


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