Kory Istace vs The Time Pirates & The Whiskey Jerks


Kory Istace
The Whiskey Jerks


  • February 17, 2017

Two amazing bands how can you not be excited! 

The Whiskey Jerks:
The Whiskey Jerks have created a unique and original sound that can’t really be pigeon-holed. Combining broad and eclectic musical backgrounds, the result is a sound that blends klezmer, folk, rock, country-blues, gypsy-punk and jazz with a distinct pop sensibility that guarantees everyone’s toes tapping, throats chuckling, and even the tear-ducts welling on occasion. With clever, cocky (and yes at times sensitive) lyrics infused with an honest prairie sound, the Whiskey Jerks will always keep you guessing...and dancing!

Kory Istace VS The Time Pirates:
Celebrating Ten years, and Four full-length albums, Kory Istace and the group have established themselves as one of the most prolific bands in Saskatchewan. Their affinity for genre exploration is self-evident throughout their discography, (available for download on bandcamp). On their latest disc,"Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue", recorded at Regina's CBC Studio 1, there are resonances of country, folk, blues, and rock. The songwriting and delivery of Kory is a strong highlight of a talented group. His lyrics depict universal truths in an undeniably personal manner, and he delivers them with a conviction that few can replicate. Where Kory is the heart of this creature, The Time Pirates are the flesh, the bones, and the central nervous system. With instrumentation featuring the banjo, stand-up bass, and visitations from mandolin and keyboards, the band creates a world singularly designed for the writer's adventurous musings.


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