Copyright Board of Canada

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Suite 800 - 56 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0C9

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The Copyright Board of Canada’s fundamental purpose is to establish fair and equitable tariffs and licenses through timely and fair processes. This requirement is expressly stated in the Copyright Act: “The Board shall fix royalty and levy rates and any related terms and conditions under this Act that are fair and equitable […]”. The requirement to have timely processes is also expressly stated in the Act: “All matters before the Board shall be dealt with as informally and expeditiously as the circumstances and considerations of fairness permit […]”.
To deliver on its mandate, the Board is required to follow the principles of natural justice; base its work on solid legal and economic principles; and reflect a solid understanding of constantly evolving business models and technologies. As an administrative tribunal, the Board is also constrained by the decisions of the Federal Court of Appeal and of the Supreme Court of Canada which continuously shape the legal framework in which it operates. Finally, the Board’s decisions are subject to judicial review, which means that cases from previous years can be reversed in whole or in part and sent back to the Board.