Federation of Canadian Music Festivals

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Heather Bedford Clooney
14004 75th Ave
Edmonton, AB, T5R 2Y6

Phone: (877) 323-3263
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Mission Statement

"We envision a world that appreciates music.

We provide a step in the journey towards excellence in music performance with educational opportunities for students and teachers.

We strive to develop well-rounded individuals with positive life and performance skills who will give their gifts back to the community, ensuring that the arts will flourish."

Our Purpose

The Federation's main objective is the development and encouragement of Canadian talent in the performance and knowledge of classical music. At every level in the festival movement, young artists learn from each other as well as from formal adjudications by internationally respected adjudicators.

Music festivals provide an excellent public performance opportunity for students. As students progress to higher levels of competition, they find festivals an incentive to continue the pursuit of excellence.
Who We Are

Federation of Canadian Music Festivals is the umbrella organization for 230+ local and provincial festivals.

It is a charitable, not-for-profit Canadian organization of volunteers from across the country serving tens of thousands of young musicians.

All music festivals with membership in the Federation share the mutual objective of providing educational and performance opportunities for young artists from every level, with professional adjudicators offering supportive critiques of their work.
Our History

Local music festivals have been operating in Canada since 1908 when the first Festival was organized in Edmonton, AB. It made such a positive impression that other prairie communities began holding their own festivals almost immediately. By 1953 every province had at least one operating festival, and at that point the Federation was officially established. The growth and success of these music festivals can be attributed to the dedication of volunteer organizers.

The first all-Canadian Music Competition was held in Canada's Centennial Year (1967...