Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA)

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The music industry is constantly changing, and with every change comes fresh challenges to the rights of the songwriters, music creators and music publishers.

Since 1949 the Canadian Music Publishers Association (CMPA) has ensured the views of music publishers working in Canada and its members are heard. It is our mission to promote the interests of music publishers and their songwriting partners through advocacy, communication, and education.

CMPA advocates for publishers on:

Copyright reforms for a digital world, including recognition of the responsibilities of new delivery systems
Canadian content policies for broadcasters and new music delivery systems
Public investment in songwriting and music publishing, similar to the investments made in the music recording industry and the film and television sectors
Protector of the private copying tariff

As the oldest music industry association in Canada, CMPA is committed to educating and acting as a mentor body for the next generation of music publishers and young songwriters. Our vision is to make Canada the best environment in the world for music publishers and their songwriting partners.

In 1975, CMPA founded The Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) to handle music licensing in Canada. Through the initiatives of CMRRA, CMPA has essentially created the publishing infrastructure in Canada. Together, we have been able to increase the licensing rate from just 2 cents per song to 8.3 cents; while working to ensure that music publishing will be both a viable and sustainable industry for years to come.

“The song’s the thing. You can have the biggest and most expensive studio, the best sounding musicians and experienced engineers and technicians; if you don’t have the song, the artist cannot be expected to have a hit.” — Chet Atkins

Canada needs the CMPA to ensure that the value and contribution of music publishers, music publishing and copyright management is understood by artists, t...