Jawbone Studios

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Eric La France
360 Oxford Street West
Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 2P3

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Jawbone Studios is a multi-track recording facility located in the friendly city of Moose Jaw. It features a 4000-square foot main recording area, an isolation room, and a comfortably spacious control room. They are not limited to their space; however, they also have a mobile recording unit for on location live recordings, unique spaces and special events. Their equipment locker features many common industry standard microphones, preamps, plugins, virtual instruments and software for recording, editing, composing, mixing and mastering.

Jawbone Studios is owned and operated by producer/engineer Eric La France, who has worked with many artists such as The Stampeders, Megan Nash, Tex Emery, The Hunter Brothers, Johnny 2 Fingers, Friend Friend, Penny Buhr Johnson, The Rusty Augers, The Pxrtals, Steve Palmer and many others. For more information, visit: www.jawbonestudios.com