Maurice Richard Libby aka Whiteboy Slim

Categories: Arrangers, Producers

Genres: Blues, Jazz, Urban


Maurice Richard Libby
Moose Jaw, SK

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Experimental writing and playing based in the blues. I can write and play in any genre, can produce and play in the studio, and explode on stage. I play guitar, slide, harmonica, and sing. I can read and write music. I believe in experimentation, exploration, and incorporation of world music, hip-hop and jazz. To stand still is to die.


  • Whiteboy Slim Strikes Again With New Album

    Whiteboy Slim Strikes Again With New Album "Diversity"

    October 25, 2016

    Whiteboy Slim returns with even more high-energy Blues--12 tracks of classic and original Blues, (and an occasional trip into Reggae, Rockabilly, and Jazz), plus two bonus tracks on the new album "Diversity". Everything was recorded live--in the studio and at gigs by producer Larry Gusaas. Like 2015's "Queen Street Blues" this recording is made with the amazing one-man rhythm section Dustin Bowyer, who plays bass and drums at the same time. It is easy to forget that there are only two people playing when you listen to the big full sound these two put out.

    This is music that is raw and real and real with very few edits or studio tricks--with the exception of the extended version of "Man With a Gun-- which shows off the production skills of producer Larry Gusaas in a collage of outtakes from various sessions.

    For Blues traditionalists there are covers of songs by Howling Wolf, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Curtis Jones, and Sonny Boy Williamson. The originals run from straight-ahead Blues ("I've Cried Enough") to Americana ("The Morning Light") to Reggae ("Man With a Gun"), covering not only the themes of lost love and hard times usually associated with the Blues, but also exploring Psychoanalysis ("The Couch"), love with a transgender person ("Sing Hallelujah (Anthem))", gun violence and terrorism ("Man With A Gun"), and existential angst ("The Morning Light" and "I Ain't Got Time To Be Angry With You Tonight".)

    It also includes the first instrumental recorded by Whiteboy Slim ("Rosie's Rumble" --a tribute to Link Wray.)