Sylvia Chave

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Genres: Childrens'


Sylvia Chave
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Delisle, SK, S0L 0P0

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High energy and non-stop Hulabaloo, that is what Sylvia Chave brings to the stage. Her love of music and fun is found in everything she performs. Totally original material, lots of zany characters and costumes are all a part of the "Sylvia" experience. The sum of her parts always equals FANTASTIC!



  • Renji Penji

    Various Artists

    November 2007

     Sylvia's first solo CD, Renji Penji, is packed full of fun lyrics and catchy musical hooks. Tunes like "Sandbox Shimmy," "See You Soon Baboon" and "I Yi Yi" are sure to stick in your head like bubble gum in your hair. 

  • The Orange Album

    Various Artists

    November 2011

    You will recognize this CD has paid for itself the first time your little one croons, “Momma says ‘no,’ she means no, and we all know that Momma knows best!” 

    While “Momma Said No,” is a much-deserved anthem for mothers, the rest of the songs in this compilation are most certainly written from a child’s perspective. Sylvia’s original songs deal with important subject matter for a kid, such as snoring dads, disappearing blankies, bubbles and cookie sprinkles. There is also no shortage of fun animal sounds like those in “Quackers” and “Bees Go Buzz.” 


The Sparkle Song

From Renji Penji

The Blankie Blues

From The Orange Album

The Pizza Polka

From The Orange Album

I Yi Yi!

From Renji Penji


From The Orange Album

See You Soon Baboon

From Renji Penji

The Goodbye Song

From Renji Penji


  • All Around the World

    A sweet song, illustrated with loads of people who love their babes. xoxo

  • The Cookie Cutter Song

    One of Sylvia's most popular tunes, with a video made by a young filmmaker, Kate Wright!  Don't forget to sing along and do the actions. :)

  • The Rainbow Song

    Everyone loves the Rainbow Song.  Here is Sylvia in a live performance at the Refinery in Saskatoon, SK.

  • The Tree Chop

    Sylvia's Concerts are full of action Rhymes that get the audience movie' and groovin'.  This is Christmas, but she does all the occasions with equal enthusiasm.  Halloween, Winter, Summer, Valentines.  Sylvia loves to put her musical shine on everything!