blind commentary

Categories: Groups and Duos, Musicians: Bass, Musicians: Drums/Percussion, Musicians: Guitar, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Rock


Samuel Thomson
Saskatoon, SK


blind commentary is a shoe-gaze and alternative-rock band based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They gained local sask music traction from their first release, "Frail" a song which was heavily influenced by mental issues and the struggles of handling these issues.

With further introduction, the band's main sound of shoe-gaze is prominent, enveloping listeners in layers of dreamy fuzzy tones and reverb-filled guitars. The infusion of alt-rock adds a raw edge to their music, evident in their single 'Frail'.

Behind the scenes, they are growing their music collection and have been hinting on a new music project. Music is a huge highlight to blind commentary, and want to keep creating music which speaks upon man vs self, man vs man, and man vs world ideals-- the same ideals as artists they are influenced by. Influences such as My Bloody Valentine, Title Fight, Pinegrove, and Radiohead have been a huge aspect they insert into their music.

The band consists of four members; Sam Thomson whom plays the rhythm guitar, Liam Swenson who's the drummer and acquires a secondary vocalist role, Liam Jones who's the lead vocalist and bassist, and lastly Malcolm who's the lead guitarist.