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brindan durocher
p.o box 133
prince albert, SK, S6V 5R4

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Brindan, a rising musical talent hailing from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, is a collaborative effort between friends Brindan and alex Creating music inspired by artists like Nickelback, Supaman, AJR, Hedley, and Gorillaz, the duo crafts their tunes in the comfort of their room. Brindan's passion for music ignited at a young age, was further fueled by the addition of his brother Darnell. At just 17 years old, Brindan released his debut studio single, "Loneliness," initially conceived as a joke but warmly embraced by friends and family. Encouraged by the positive reception, he continued to produce more tracks, including the well-received "Stay with Me," a collaboration with friend Josh featuring background vocals by Darnell. Reflecting on the song's origins, Brindan explained that it began as a simple topic and evolved into a poignant reflection on the emotions tied to missing someone and navigating relationships with a sense of unawareness. Looking ahead, Brindan aspires to continue creating music and sharing his performances with the world.


  • Brindan released an album!!

    January 7, 2024

    Brindan has released an album called "bedroom dreams", which is available on streaming services.

    So far it's the best work that he has put out, it's above "I'm insane".  brindan has worked so hard from the last half of 2023 till now and many peers of brindan have said "it's already the best album".

    He looks forward to working on the next album and hopefully it will come out in 2024. 

    What will it be called?? 

    We don't know yet 

    Soo keep on the lookout for that one. 

    Here is the link to the new album on Spotify.


Date Event Venue
Jul 19 Step One The Golden Ticket
Canadian Brewhouse
Saskatoon, SK


  • The Love Is Dry

    Various Artists

    December 2023

    The love is dry 

    Is an album based on what either love or the feeling of love is like when it's dry

    Or when your bored of someone.


Stay With Me