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Nik Porrelli is a hip-hop artist who combines quick, ever-changing flows with meticulous wordplay over high-energy production. He excels at writing freestyle-type tracks filled with nearly tongue-twister rhymes and nerdy references. Nik primarily writes about his experiences, philosophy, and the exultation of creating. He most enjoys getting his friends involved in music (especially when they’re not musicians) and live performances.

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Nik Porrelli was influenced by rock and alternative music growing up. He took up drumming at a young age and sang in worship bands and church choirs growing up. In Grade 10 he discovered hip-hop and began dabbling in writing in his first year of University. His debut single “Slow Down” was produced with two high school friends and serves to signpost his evolution as an artist in a short time. Nik has continued making music while working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan. His second single “Negative” was recorded amidst night shift in the summer of 2021, followed by “Back and Forth” the next year. Some of his musical influences include STARSET, Switchfoot, NF, JID, Jon Keith, Joey Vantes, and 1kphew. Nik references many of his interests, from Star Wars, to hockey, to Magic the Gathering in his music. He likes to think of himself as a certified geek.


  • Nik Porrelli ft. tcmHoLLow to Drop

    Nik Porrelli ft. tcmHoLLow to Drop "Extra Ruthless" after "Landmine" Success!

    February 8, 2024

    Nik Porrelli, a new hip hop artist on the scene, has been causing quite the buzz on Spotify with his newest single "Landmine", featuring 1KPhew, garnering over 4000 streams in the first week of release. You can listen to it anywhere music is streamed, or using this link:

    To continue with this momentum, he is dropping a brand new track, "Extra Ruthless", featuring another Saskatchewan hip hop artist, tcmHoLLow, on February 13th, 2024. You will be able to find it on any streaming service!

         When speaking to Nik about the track he said, "Extra Ruthless is the final iteration of a song that I started writing around two years ago. I finished a version for the show that I happened to first meet the IllHumanNation guys at, but I wasn't totally happy with it. So, when we were in the studio, I asked tcmHoLLoW if he had any ideas, and while I recorded my sections he came up with the hook. The title was tcmHoLLoW's idea; I say it early on in the track and it stuck out to him". Nik Porrelli is also a visual artist and in speaking about the album art he said, "When considering the cover, I had this image of a katana-wielding figure I played around with, and I'm pretty happy how it turned out. I wanted to make all the letters look like they'd been cut in half. AGAPE produced some crazy drops on this, so I wanted to take advantage of that and go in as hard as I could. The end product is a pretty great song for live shows".

         We had a chance to also speak with Zanga (a.k.a tcmHoLLoW) about the new song and he said, "To me “Extra Ruthless” displays the concept of how it feels to fight with your back against the wall and putting it all on the line to make it to your goals. Ultimately to do that you have to be not only ruthless, but extra ruthless. When Nik showed me the song I immediately had a concept for the melody. He told me there was space on the song for some more vocals so I played on his idea. I tried to add a contrast in the hook by making it a space to get you back into Nik’s verse. It has a rollercoaster type of feeling with the highs and lows. Which overall gives an energetic, electric punk vibe, which makes you get loose and better yet crazy in a crowd! We hope everyone enjoys".

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