Will Ardell

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Genres: Country, Rock, Roots or Folk


Will Ardell
Kenaston, SK

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As the late Cam Fuller from the Star Phoenix said of Will's voice "He may not be a millionaire, but he sounds a lot like Cash"  

Will Ardell has a total of 15 SCMA nominations, including 'Male Artist of the year' and 'Folk Artist of the year'. Clearly showing the industry acknowledges Will's incredible talents across the country genre. 

Will Ardell’s style has unapologetically changed over the years. With a strong focus on music with meaning and depth. Says Will “I want my music to be just as relevant and meaningful ten, or twenty years from now as it is today. I just hope my music makes a difference, to someone”.  With singles like "Wounded Kids" and "Highway to the Sun" both taking on heavy subjects, child abuse, and suicide, some may say Ardell’s music is dark, but he always leaves the listener with a message of hope. Writing outside the box has not affected his fan base a fan noted "His voice is hauntingly beautiful. I don't listen to country anymore, but I'll listen to Will Ardell. He reminds me of Johnny Cash and Waylon those guys I use to listen to with my Dad!"

Whether playing the Black Bird Sessions, a songwriter’s event created by Ardell and fellow artist Berk Jodoin for Americana and other artists outside the commercial box, or playing on the festival stage of the Dog Patch Festival Will “leaves it all on the stage”. He shares every ounce of his soul and being with the audience, often leaving the stage feeling drained and the audience on their feet. 




  • Goodbye Lou feat Berk Jodoin & Jolie Blue

    Ever wanted to tell your boss where to stuff it? In the style of Stompin’ Tom Connors comes Will Ardell’s brand new video for Goodbye Lou. Get ready to stomp and sing along!
    Goodbye Lou was recorded at Skullcreek Studios and produced by Aspen Beveridge. The music video was recorded by little jack films.