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Aiden Carter
Regina, SK

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Recording Studio and Record Label founded by Aiden Carter, fueling the underground rap/hip-hop scene's audio, video, and distribution needs in Regina. With 5 signed artists, and many more who come to us for their audio/video needs, we can help you sound your best, without breaking the bank. Check out our website, or hit us up on instagram for more info!


  • Living So Far by Young Crow, Releasing March 25th

    Living So Far by Young Crow, Releasing March 25th

    March 18, 2024

    Despite passing away in November of 2023, Young Crow is still being remembered through the music he had recorded. One of these songs, "Living So Far" will be released on March 25th. This song is a gritty, distorted rock song that encapsulates his relentless desire for something more, and his never-give-up attitude. We hope that by continuing to release the music he made, we will be able to keep Rowan's memory alive.

    Much love,

    -Avid Records

  • “TEMPER” by IamAidenCarter: A Dark and Gritty Departure

    February 12, 2024

    IamAidenCarter has taken a bold step into the world of rap with his latest single, “TEMPER”. Departing from his previous singing style, he dives headfirst into a darker, grittier sound, complete with booming bass and intense vocals. The track is set to drop on February 12, 2024.

    “TEMPER” marks a significant shift for IamAidenCarter. Known for his melodic tunes like “Door,” he now embraces a more aggressive persona. The lyrics delve into raw emotions, painting a vivid picture of intensity and rebellion. It’s a departure from the familiar, and his supporters are eagerly awaiting this new chapter in his musical journey.

    The song opens with an arresting hook:

    "I say we pull up big stepper
    She with me 'cause I let her
    Got my boys in the back
    And you know he got a temper"

    The imagery is vivid, conjuring a scene of confrontation and defiance. IamAidenCarter’s delivery is sharp, matching the intensity of the beat. As the track unfolds, he continues to explore themes of power, revenge, and recklessness.

    “TEMPER” doesn’t hold back. It’s a sonic punch to the gut, fueled by adrenaline and a touch of menace. The chorus hits hard:

    "Come in hot like a pepper
    Too hot, f*** a sweater
    I’ma put you six feet under
    Hope your b**** gets better"

    The aggression is palpable, and the production amplifies the mood. IamAidenCarter’s flow rides the beat with precision, leaving listeners hanging on every word.

    As the song progresses, we hear:

    "Ay, tipsy little mister
    I’m f***ed up on the liquor
    I’m tryna find the shifter
    And whip it 'cause I can"

    This verse showcases his versatility—lyrical, unapologetic, and unafraid. “TEMPER” is a declaration that IamAidenCarter is here to stay, and he’s not playing by anyone else’s rules.

    “TEMPER” is more than a song; it’s a statement. IamAidenCarter has carved out a niche for himself in the Regina music scene, and this track solidifies his position as an artist who will create whatever he feels like. So turn up the volume, embrace the bass, and let this track shake you. Avid Records has delivered another hit.

    Remember to stream “TEMPER” on all platforms and support this exciting new chapter in IamAidenCarter’s journey.

    Note: This article is purely for promotional purposes and does not endorse or encourage any violent behavior. Artistic expression often explores intense emotions, and “TEMPER” is no exception. Avid Records fully supports the artistic expression of it's artists.

  • J Apollo signs to Avid Records

    J Apollo signs to Avid Records

    February 10, 2024

    J Apollo is the latest Regina Artist to sign to local record label Avid Records, ahead of their show on February 17th. J Apollo has made tremendous growth in the local music scene, and will be hard at work on his upcoming album. He has been working with Avid Records on various projects through 2023, as well as forming his band "Tracy Waters" with fellow artists Calimari and Lando.

    With 7 signed artists, and many more who work with them, Avid Records is making a statement in the local music scene. Be sure to follow Avid Records, and J Apollo on Instagram!

    Avid Records Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/avidrecordsyqr

    J Apollo's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/japollomusic

    Avid Records Website: avidrecords.ca

  • Sparrow, an Album by Young Crow

    Sparrow, an Album by Young Crow

    January 25, 2024

    Sparrow is a posthumous album by Young Crow that was released on December 31, 2023, which contains 12 songs. The project is a reflection of the life, thoughts, and mindset of Rowan Knopf. Overall, the album is a mix of cheerful love songs, and songs with a darker tone, which entail violence on the people who he believes deserve it. The album shows the beautiful and the ugly of his life, and it adds to the experience of the listener. You can feel the passion behind his words.

    Rowan and I used to spend hours in our studio working on songs together. He always had a vision, and would rework his music until it matched that vision perfectly. He was a kind soul, and my best friend. 

    Rowan passed away before we could properly finish his album “Sparrow”. Despite this, the album has been finished as closely to his final vision as possible.

    With his family’s permission, we are releasing this album. Long live Young Crow.

  • Avid Records to Hold First Ever Show

    Avid Records to Hold First Ever Show

    January 25, 2024

    Avid Records is hosting it's first ever show, featuring ALL of our signed artists. This show is in memory of Rowan Knopf (aka Young Crow), who was our beloved friend, and artist. Rowan helped create Avid Records, so it's only right that we honour him with a proper send-off.

    After he passed away, we knew we had to keep his image alive. That's why we will be performing this show to celebrate the release of his posthumous album, "Sparrow". We had originally wanted to release his album the same night as the show, but we got delayed. A limited amount of CD's of his posthumous album will also be available at the show. Sales from the CD's as well as ticket sales will be given to Rowan's family. We hope that by releasing the music he had recorded, and continuing to hear his voice, Rowan won't be forgotten.

    The show will take place February 17th at The Mercury in Regina. Artists performing at the show include J Apollo, Endeshaw, Dreyspurpo, Heavnsnt, IamAidenCarter, Jesse, YWB Choppa, and YWB Gem. Also featuring performances by your host for the event, Doh-Ski. Come out to grab a drink, enjoy the show, and honour our fallen friend. We love you Rowan!

  • Doh-Ski joins Avid Records

    Doh-Ski joins Avid Records

    December 14, 2023

    Avid Records is proud to announce that Doh-Ski is now officially signed to our label!

    It has been an incredible time working with Doug on various projects over the last year. He has gone on tour, filmed music videos, and recorded music right here in our studio. We're so happy that after 7 years of making music, he has decided to join us in making the Regina music scene bigger than ever.

    That being said, we have built up a vault of music. Doh-Ski and the Avid Records team are excited to share them. Stay tuned for 2024, as it will be the craziest year yet for Doh-Ski!

  • Dreyspurpo releases his first EP “AAM PARADOX”

    Dreyspurpo releases his first EP “AAM PARADOX”

    December 14, 2023

    Dreyspurpo, a Nigerian-born neo-soul rapper and vocalist, has released his second EP “AAM PARADOX” through Avid Records. The EP consists of three tracks that explore his personal experiences, emotions, and challenges.

    The first track, “Ghetto Love”, is about his frustration and disappointment with a girl who played with his feelings and lied to him. He raps about how he felt like a pest in her life, and how she was entertaining other guys behind his back. He also raps about how he tried to break out of the cycle of toxic love, but he couldn’t resist her when they met. He describes their relationship as “ghetto love”, implying that it was low-quality and unhealthy.

    The second track, “4am in Rae”, is a reflection of his journey from being a hero to being called a bum by his peers. He raps about the excitement and fun he had in the past, and the challenges and struggles he faces in the present. He also expresses his confidence and ambition for the future, as he hopes to make it big in Hollywood.

    The third and final track, “Ending”, is about his acceptance and resignation of his life and his flaws. He raps about how he doesn’t care what people think of him, and how he is waiting for the end of his life. He also raps about how he is imperfect, but he doesn’t let that stop him from living his life. He describes himself as a “grande messe”, which means a big mess in French.

    Dreyspurpo is a rising star in the local music scene, and his EP “AAM PARADOX” is a testament to his talent and potential. His debut single continues to be enjoyed, and we can't wait to see how fans will react to this release. The EP is available on all streaming platforms, and fans can also read the full lyrics with deeper insights on Genius.

  • Release of Young Crow's

    Release of Young Crow's "Stay" featuring IamAidenCarter

    December 7, 2023

    Young Crow, real name Rowan Knopf, passed away on November 3rd while driving home from work. He had been working on his music on and off over the last year, and planned on releasing his music when the time was right. This is one of those songs.

    This song was recorded at Rowan’s home, during a hangout with him and Aiden. The song was written and recorded, but unfinished. Staying true to how Rowan would have remembered it sounding, the only part added after Rowan’s death is the intro.

    You can listen to "Stay" on all streaming platforms.
    Link to listen on Spotify.

  • Rising New Studio/Record Label in Regina

    Rising New Studio/Record Label in Regina

    November 23, 2023

    Avid Records has been officially formed in Regina. With signed artists such as Dreyspurpo, Endesaw, Young Crow, and IamAidenCarter, it's off to a good start. After starting in February of 2023, Avid Records is now a small Recording Studio and Record Label that is continually expanding.

    Whether it's recording, mixing, mastering, or even CD printing, Avid Records has you covered. Prices are low but quality is high. With the lack of affordable studios for vocalists in Regina, there was a need for a studio specifically centered around professional vocal recording. Especially in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre, Avid Records has you covered.

    Check out their website for more info.


    Reach out through e-mail avid@avidrecords.ca or Instagram DM https://www.instagram.com/avidrecordsyqr/

  • New Release: Speed Dial by Endeshaw

    New Release: Speed Dial by Endeshaw

    November 23, 2023

    A unique artist, Endeshaw has always tried to capture his emotions through his music. Since joining Avid Records, he has been steadily releasing music while not compromising the quality of his work. With his new single "Speed Dial", he expresses the hopeful sadness of always trying your best regardless of outcome. The idea that even if there is no hope in life, it's worth trying to achieve greatness. No doubt, Endeshaw is one of the most unique Hip-Hop/Rap artists in the Regina area.

    Stream now on any platform. Here are some links: