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BTHEGHOST is an artist and audio engineer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada specializing in R&B and Trip Hop music. He performs vocals solo alongside a laptop full of effects and audio plugins to make any plug and play performance sound straight out of the studio. BTHEGHOST approaches the stage like an actor in a one man show, using not only his voice but his actions and body language to tell a story on stage, often being pulled into the images of the music while performing and playing a role in the scene.

BTHEGHOST tries his best to keep his music clean and acceptable to be heard by anyone, however by using clever wordplay and indirect language he is still able to cover themes like depression, euphoria, substance abuse, traumatic experiences, and other adult subjects. By mixing and mastering his own music he his able to create many different sounds and has an unreleased catalogue spanning hundreds of songs with numerous styles and themes. This allows him to mold his performance to whatever occasion presents itself, from easy listening all the way to club vibes.

BTHEGHOST has experience preforming at multiple festivals including Ness Creek, BIG Winter Classic, Sled Island, and Doylefest. He has also opened for artists such as OHGEESY and Afroman with his group ILLHumanNation.

With experience performing at hip hop shows with a main style of R&B, BTHEGHOST brings energy to even the most laid back composition.



  • Saskatoon Duo Pushes Boundaries with Experimental Multi-Genre New Single

    Saskatoon Duo Pushes Boundaries with Experimental Multi-Genre New Single

    March 7, 2024

    Introducing "IDC IND" (I Don't Care, I Never Did), a track by BTHEGHOST and Lucci Lu that dives deep into the messy reality of relationships. It's a story about that kind of connection where you know it's not healthy, but you just can't let go. We all tend to put our partners on pedestals, but sometimes, we find ourselves swinging between moments of frustration and desperate need.

    In the chorus, you'll feel that inner struggle echoing through the lyrics, with spoken words clashing against unspoken thoughts. It's like a battle within, and anyone who's been in a similar situation knows exactly how it feels. The way the vocals intertwine reflects the chaos of it all, creating a unique sound that captures the essence of the turmoil.

    And let's not forget the shaky vocal effect on the featuring artist Lucci Lu's second verse. It's like that shaky feeling you get when emotions are about to overflow, when your body can't contain what's churning in your mind.

    So, get ready to immerse yourself in the rollercoaster of emotions with "IDC IND". It's a raw, authentic journey through the complexities of love and longing. Enjoy the ride.

  • BTHEGHOST with New Easy Listening Music Out Of Saskatoon

    BTHEGHOST with New Easy Listening Music Out Of Saskatoon

    August 25, 2023

    Saskatoon-based artist "BTHEGHOST" just released a new single shelter off his upcoming album "hostage."

    Due to construction, B was unable to access his usual recording space, so his solution was to bring the studio to the shower, setting the microphone up on a stand placed in front of the shower head. After lighting a candle to avoid the brightness of the overhead light and finding a smooth instrumental to record over, B performed his most vulnerable and sincere ballad to date.

    "BTHEGHOST" is becoming known as a mixing engineer and artist who focuses heavily on post production, but this single couldn't be more different, with most of the mixing being done by the shower and bathroom's acoustics. That unique combination of mood, setting, and mixing leaves the listener with a truly heartfelt and sincere experience.

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  • if you ever need a reason

    Various Artists

    December 2022

    BTHEGHOST released this album after the success of his single "stuck in a lull". This album is his most experimental by far, showing his early trials of adding electronic elements to his music.

  • ILL Collection, Vol.2

    Various Artists

    August 2023

    He had a large part in this album as both an artist and an engineer. Having heavy hands on songs like Sunshine State, Focus, and ROCKSTAR 2 among others.



From hostage

and down came the sea

From hostage

in the widows web

From hostage

wake up wake up

From hostage


From hostage