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Stephen Folnovic
3140 Rae Street
Regina, SK, S4S 1S1

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Stephen Folnovic is a musician and educator based out of Regina, Saskatchewan (Treaty 4 Territory). Stephen has been performing and teaching in Saskatchewan for over 15 years. With a Bachelor's of Music Education from the University of Regina, Stephen has taught students from ages 5 to 75 including almost a decade of school band in rural Saskatchewan. Stephen has also performed with a number of groups including the University of Regina and Regina Symphony Orchestras, as a performer in "the pit" of many musical theatre productions, as well as in jazz and rock groups across many different genres and styles, primarily on trumpet. Stephen is also in demand as a clinician and lesson instructor and has taught a number of instruments privately and through institutions such as the Conservatory of Performing Arts including trumpet, trombone, guitar, and ukulele.

Stephen Folnovic's main creative project and current musical endeavour is writing and performing as 'bitbitbit', a multi-genre, electronic music focused act. Through bitbitbit, Stephen has collaborated with artists across Canada and the globe throughout the pandemic to create visual and musical art that captures many different moods and styles. From punk to pop, from chiptune music to hyperska (and more!), bitbitbit pushes the boundaries and creative limits. The music of bitbitbit is available to purchase on Bandcamp and also available on all streaming platforms worldwide, with the latest release being "8-bit Test Tracks, Vol. 2", an album of synthesized music composed in the style of video games from the late 80s/early 90s.

Stephen Folnovic is available whether you need a seasoned performer across a multitude of genres/styles, a composer who will work with you to create music for your latest creative project, or as an accomplished and respected educator who puts students' needs first.  Check for the latest updates and creative projects from Stephen Folnovic.



  • Intentions & Consequences

    Various Artists

    June 2020

    Debut album from synth rock and electronic act 'bitbitbit'. Recorded hastily at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this collection of songs was written over years and finally coalesced into a story of grief, love, loss and new life. All songs written, recorded, and performed by Stephen Folnovic. Drums performed by Matthew Sauder. Bass performed by Brent Gelsinger.

  • 8-bit Test Tracks, Vol. 1

    Various Artists

    March 2021

    With the help of some VST Plugins modelled after three 8-bit video game consoles (the NES, Commodore 64, and the original Gameboy), this is a quick album of 10 "test" tracks or short experiments where these synthesizers were put to the test. Imagine they are short vignettes from a video game that never existed or just a proof-of-concept idea in action. All songs composed and performed by Stephen Folnovic.


    Various Artists

    June 2022

    SKA BREAKUP is a covers album that tells the story of love and loss with my connection to the online ska community during the COVID-19 pandemic.


    1. Every Rule - Charli XCX
    2. Thing For You - Jann Arden
    3. Big River - We Are the Union
    4. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
    5. The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - The Postal Service
    6. As It Was - Harry Styles
    7. Kiss Me - Sixpence None the Richer

    all instruments, recording, production, mixing, and mastering by Stephen Folnovic (bitbitbit).

  • bits & bytes: singles, comps, & other stuff 2022

    Various Artists

    February 2023

    A collection of songs that spans all twelve months of 2022. many of these songs have already been released on Bandcamp or streaming through various labels and/or collections but this is the first time they will all be in one place. Three new songs never before heard are "The Denial" featuring wow!youmadeit from Ontario and two new cover songs.

    full tracklist:

    1. Thing For You - bitbitbit
    2. Falling - bitbitbit
    3. Flying V - bitbitbit
    4. Teach Me - bitbitbit
    5. Up the Wolves - bitbitbit
    6. The Denial - bitbitbit ft. wow!youmadeit
    7. Sweet Nothing - bitbitbit

    all songs performed by bitbitbit, except for track 6 featuring wow!youmadeit

  • 8-bit Test Tracks, Vol. 2

    Various Artists

    May 2023

    Here is Volume 2 of the 8-bit Test Tracks series. Unlike with Volume 1, where each track was more or less a simple "loop", Volume 2 aims to tell a more complete story. Imagine the beautifully nostalgic worlds of Steven Universe, My Neighbour Totoro, or Legend of Zelda mixed with the harsh apocalyptic worlds of Chrono Trigger, Nausicaa, or Samurai Jack. There are tons of little nods and easter eggs to some of my favourite games and soundtracks I've experienced since first trying video games on the Atari 2600, Sega Master System, and the original Gameboy. Please enjoy this instrumental synthesized pastiche.

    All tracks composed and performed by Stephen Folnovic


Parallel Play

From Sounds of Sunnyside