Sask One Mic Recording Series

Categories: Engineers, Producers, Studios, Video


Matthew Facca
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 2X4


A throwback video series where productions are recorded in a single take using only one camera and one microphone, just like the earliest days of recording. No edits, no overdubs, no studio magic.

We let the performance speak for itself.

Recording takes place in two different types of events:

Short & Sweet

A small gathering where the artists will serve as each others' audience, creating a comfortable, supportive and inspiring environment. Each artist will have up to 20 minutes. If it takes a few passes of the song to get "the take", that's no problem! If you nail it early on, you can move on to another song or give the remainder of your time to the next artist. Our focus is to ensure each artist is able to give the best performance they possibly can.

Deep Dive

Each band, artist or group will have up to an hour to themselves. We can take our time to fine-tune the sound of the group and placement of the microphone. Our videographer can learn the song and get the perfect shots to capture the right players in the most critical moments of the song.