Pierre Bazin - Drum and Bagpipe Instructor

Categories: Music Instruction, Online Music Lessons

Genres: Cover Artist - Multi Genre, Global Influences, Rock, Roots or Folk


Pierre Bazin
103 Maningas Bend
Saskatoon, SK, S7W 0L4

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Pierre Bazin is an experienced musician offering lessons in drums and bagpipes.  He has played both instruments for over 25 years and can teach all ages and skill levels.

Pierre is an accomplished musician, having played in bands across Western Canada.  He currently plays drums for the progressive melodic death metal band Singularity, while fronting the folk/power metal band Aiséirí.  He has taught for several years and has put on drum clinics and seminars.  He is well-versed in all genres and can tailor your lessons to suit your style.  He is heavily trained in music theory and can help supplement school band curriculum.  He is also a producer, and can teach you how to record your instrument.

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