Nyle Segovia

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Nyle Segovia
401 Brooklyn Crescent
Warman, SK, S0K 0A1

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Nyle is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumental artist from Saskatoon. Nyle's roots are in flamenco guitar with significant influences from soul, rock, R&B, blues, alt, pop, and hip-hop. He plays and writes by ear and feel - always searching for genuine expression in his music. Music that feels good. 

He began his musical journey as a toddler playing drums in Toronto with his family and has since dabbled in vocals, guitar, bass, upright bass, ukulele, drums, saxophone, and piano. Nyle is currently making music with three other extremely rad dudes in Saskatoon. He aspires to always allow creative freedom, expression, and feedback to his bandmates even though the songs/music may be originally written by Nyle.




From Windows


  • Windows

    Nyle Segovia – Windows (Official Video)

    Huge thanks to the Recording Arts Institute of Saskatchewan (RAIS) for taking on this video so graciously as a student project.

    Director: Makasha Kay // Assistant Director: Tish Okunola // Art Director: Ashton Istace // Camera Op: Ethan Thompson // Camera Op: Alex Mendoza // Editing: Alex Mendoza