Christine Johnston

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Genres: Blues, Pop, Rock, Roots or Folk


Christine Johnston
1809 1st Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1Z9

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Christine Johnston has dedicated her creative life to teaching, making, releasing, and promoting Music as a REMEDY.  Her focused, determined, driven, and passionate life within the arts is one of the two contributing forces behind Saskatoon’s Remedy Music School and the Remedy Music Label.  You will see marks of integrity and deeply rooted commitment to contributing and building Saskatoon’s arts community.

Christine’s love of music and what it can do started young, as she began to write music from her family’s heirloom piano and find solace in the creation of art from the age of eight on.  “It was like my piano was waiting for me to dump all the feelings through my fingers to the keys, searching for the sounds to reflect what was going on in my soul; I needed this process to live and cope,” she says.  Looking back on her music history reveals the strong essence of the constant remedy music was in her life, and how it carried her through managing childhood trauma’s affects and crippling anxiety.  Christine’s experience with music over the years produced an intimate, synergistic relationship that’s like a force of understanding fueling devotion to her career, and teaching, as well as the creation, release and presentation of her art. 



  • Dead or Alive

    Various Artists

    August 2022

    Every day we have a choice, try to live in what's DEAD (the past), or be ALIVE right now, one moment at a time. I have struggled with depression and anxiety over the years, and so has everyone I know. This is my dedication to mental well-being.
    MUSIC is a REMEDY!


    1) Depression
    2) I found your light
    3) Peel back my skin
    4) Tiger Claws (feat. Marshall Rude)
    5) Breathe
    6) Don't walk alone
    7) Ache
    8) Recollection
    9) Pulling petals
    10) Oxygen


  • Home

    Various Artists

    May 2023

    A collection of intimate thoughts within the process of finding HOME in WHO I AM, as well as in trust and love with my partner, set to music.

  • I See You YXE

    Various Artists

    December 2023

    The album features the stories of people she is very close to, people she's acquainted with, people she’s heard of, and strangers she had never met before she asked them to share their stories with her. She literally approached people on the street to ask if they would like to participate, and to her delight, they said yes!
    The album reflects the diversity of Saskatoon’s people, and the unity in our shared joys and sorrows. The parallels in each of our unique journeys connect us to one another, and bring forth a powerful compassion for each other that we only get when we choose to listen and really SEE one another.


Peace Lily

From I See You YXE

Creedan's Song

From I See You YXE

James Harvey, Papa G

From I See You YXE


From I See You YXE


  • So Alive

    This song is written from the perspective of Tarra Forrest in recollection of her life and experiences. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, underwent all that was necessary to beat it, and did. Her resilience, strength, positivity, and love for life is inspiring. I have so enjoyed getting to know her while chatting about her story, creating this custom song, and then going even deeper in communication while developing the content for this video.

  • Peace Lily

    Peace Lily is a custom song about Peace Akintade that Christine wrote for her I See You YXE album project that releases on Friday, December 1, 2023.   This documentary style music video features Peace Akintade at Sparrow Coffee in Saskatoon.   Thanks to the owners of Sparrow for sharing their space for this project.