Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Blues, Rock, Roots or Folk


Cordell Anderson
316 Mckinnon Ave S
Saskatoon, SK, S7N 1J6

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Iconic harmonies and snappy quips! Endearing as they are endeavouring in their musicality, stage presence, and get up and groove-ness, Chesterfield masterfully pulls and prys all kinds of weird and wonderful out of their sound. Based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Chesterfield draws their influence from a large well of inspiration, weaving elements of blues, surf, jazz and country to build on a foundation of psychedelic rock and roll. Formed in 2019, the members of Chesterfield developed instant synergy, are quickly gaining popularity, and have already begun to cement themselves as a top up-and-coming band in the Saskatoon music scene. In that short time, Chesterfield have amassed an album’s worth of toe tappingly memorable original material, finding success in drawing complexity out of their honest and simplistic approach to songwriting. Their live experience is a deluge of 3 part-harmonies, catchy hooks and driving guitars, painted onto a canvas of groovy, yet accessible rhythms that will not only keep you on the dancefloor, but will leave you with a tune stuck in your head for the rest of the night. 


Date Event Venue
Jul 26 Haywire Farm Festival
Haywire Farm
Codette Lake, SK
Jul 27 Haywire Farm Festival
Haywire Farm
Codette Lake, SK
Jul 28 Haywire Farm Festival
Haywire Farm
Codette Lake, SK


  • Morning in the Mid-day

    Morning in the Mid-day is an original song by Chesterfield. It is a song about when you stay out until the wee hours of the night, and then experience your morning in the middle of the day.