Kasia Leigh Leonard

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Genres: Alternative, Country, Jazz, Roots or Folk


Kasia Thorlakson
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Growing up in a small town without instruction, Kasia Leigh started developing her own playing style at 12 years old. Since then, she taught herself how to play several instruments including guitar, mandolin, and clawhammer banjo. At age 15 and ready to start a band after two years of performing solo, Kasia initiated Saskatoon's Bluegrass trio 'In With The Old' with Ellen Froese and Jaxon Lalonde. For 4 years, the band toured across Canada and showcased in the United States on multiple occasions. They performed at big name festivals such as Merlefest (North Carolina), Winnipeg Folk Fest (Manitoba), and the Ness Creek Festival (Saskatchewan).

Kasia is coming into her own now, bringing together all of these elements to create a brand new body of work under her own steam. With hard work and dedication, Kasia has a bunch of new originals under her belt. Her definitive style brings together elements of Piedmont blues style fingerpicking, Bluegrass, Folk/Rock, and Jazz, as well as haunting ballads in the styles of western swing. Kasia is also a member of the Saskatoon based band, Chesterfield, working mainly on rhythm/lead guitar and vocals.



  • Love Song #1

    After a brief flirtation with early Swing music and a handsome fellow, Kasia Leigh Leonard wrote this song in an attempt to convince him to stick around.