Lyssa & the Try-Tones

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Alyssa Woolhether
Regina, SK

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Lyssa has the capability to blow you away or bring you to tears with a voice that is both polished and emotionally raw. Lyssa’s songs are steeped in confessional lyrics and when backed by The Try-Tones, a funk rhythm section, her pop vocal stylings create a sound that is both groovy and sophisticated.


  • Chasing Shadows EP Release

    Chasing Shadows EP Release

    September 21, 2023

    CHASING SHADOWS is the second EP from Regina soul/pop group Lyssa & the Try-Tones. Four more groovy tracks to get the energy moving and the good vibes rolling. Recorded live off the floor on Treaty 4, this record is a unique blend of soul, pop, motown and jazzy vibes, topped off with Lyssa's powerhouse vocals. The band consist of a number of Regina's finest musicians including Juno award winning guitarist and producer, Erik Mehlsen; vocalist and guitarist Alyssa Woolhether, drummer, Ukeme Enoch; bass player, Courtney Ballantyne; trumpet player, Dalton Lam; trombone player, Joel Lareau and tenor sax player and arranger, Carter Powley. Recorded and mixed by Justin Bender of Divergent Sounds and produced by Erik Mehlson, “Chasing Shadows” is sure to be a sweet treat for your ears to enjoy! 

    "Chasing Shadows" is now available on all streaming services.




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  • Lyssa & the Try-Tones first EP -

    Lyssa & the Try-Tones first EP - "Basement City View"

    August 3, 2022

    BASEMENT CITY VIEW is a live pop, soul, motown snack that goes down smooth. Recorded in Regina at the historical Conservatory of Performing Arts, it is the first release from Lyssa & the Try-Tones and features the emotionally raw vocal stylings of singer/songwriter Lyssa. The Try-Tones consist of a number of Regina's finest musicians including Juno award winning guitarist and producer, Erik Mehlsen; drummer, Ukeme Enoch; bass player, Courtney Ballantyne; trumpet player, Dalton Lam; trambone player, Joel Lareau and tenor sax player and arranger, Carter Powley. When backed by The Try-Tones, Lyssa creates a sound that is nothing but pop laced with subtle sophistication for those who know it when they hear it. 

    "Basement City View" is available an all streaming services.




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  • Skyline

    LYSSA & THE TRY-TONES // Skyline 

    From EP "Basement City View" 


  • Blind Eye

    LYSSA & THE TRY-TONES // Blind Eye 

    From EP "Basement City View" 


    Lyssa and the Try-Tones // 5 Star Fantasy From “Basement City View” EP (Sharp5 Records) - Available Aug. 4, 2022

    Produced by Erik Mehlsen

    Video by Quentin Friesen

    Audio by Keiran Semple

    Filmed on Treaty 4 Territory at the Conservatory of Performing Arts.

  • Some Hope

    Lyssa and the Try-Tones // Some Home

    Produced by Erik Mehlsen

    Video by Quentin Friesen

    Audio by Justin Bender

    Filmed on Treaty 4 Territory