Damien Lussier

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            Child Entertainer and Music Enthusiast, Damien Lussier,(fluent in both in English and French) is making a come back! After many years of absence, Damien is finally renewing his love and passion for the sweet music of the soul!

            Damien was born in St-Boniface, Manitoba, but he spent most of his childhood in Quebec, dreaming of singing and performing. By the age of 14, he was already on his way to the conservatoire de musique of Montreal, studying classical guitar, but soon realized that his path was in song writing and to pursue music through his own imagination.

            In 1997, he released his first album in Manitoba titled “D’alleurs” and had a few hit songs on CBC French radio and CKXL 91.0 FM. 

            In 2002 he released his first kids’ album ‘En Francais  S.V.P which was  nominated at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2003 for “Outstanding Children’s Recording” and was well taken by the fans and communities in Western Canada.  Damien is quite versatile in the entertainment field, between puppeteering on TV Ontario with TV series ‘Paul and Suzanne’, writing and performing plays on fur trading at Festival du Voyageur (western Canada’s largest winter festival), and entertaining at Folk Festival (Winnipeg), children’s festivals and performances in schools all across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

            In 2004, Damien’s second kids’ album ‘Terre en Sante” was released and was also nominated in 2005 at the Western Canadian Music Awards for  “Outstanding Children’s Recording”.

            Damien’s third kids’ album “oula la,” released in 2007, was a mix of French and English songs and kept on following the legacy of fun and entertaining performances for children.

            Damien has once again finally tuned up his guitar, grabbed his dusty Kazoo and cannot wait to start performing again ­– singing  and entertaining children and families alike.

Please check out some of his songs on You Tube, iTunes Music, Apple Music and many of your favourite listening apps.