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Cyndi Aarrestad
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Debden, SK, S0J 0S0

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My name is Cyndi Aarrestad, and I am a singer/songwriter, living on a farm near Debden, SK.  I am a self-taught guitarist, and also play piano.

My style is quite unique and a little hard to pinpoint -  I would describe it as a combination of praise/inspirational/folk/southern/country gospel. I mainly perform gospel music.  I also offer custom songwriting, and I have written and performed many songs customized for special events, such as weddings, dedications, anniversaries, family reunions, Christmas programs, funerals, etc..  I have written over 2,100 songs, and have made 10 recordings in a friend’s home studio, with my latest 12 recorded at my home.  I have had some recent international radio exposure, including having several songs on the European Country Music charts, as well as radio and internet radio, and can be found on various music sites and streaming platforms.

My latest release is a 7 song EP, called "Offerings”, which was just uploaded to my site March 14, 2022, and will be available on most streaming platforms on April 8, 2022.


  • New Album from Cyndi Aarrestad releasing soon!

    New Album from Cyndi Aarrestad releasing soon!

    April 18, 2023

    Cyndi Aarrestad is releasing a new 8-song EP, titled "Gratitude", on April 28, 2023. This is her 2nd professional recording, but her 26th release of all original music. This faith-based album, with Steve Wingfield again at the helm, captures a variety of styles, including folk, country, P&W, and inspirational, with themes of gratitude, worship, surrender and trust in God. It features some upbeat, catchy melodies and contemplative ballads, along with heart-searching lyrics, all backed by Steve's superb and varied arrangements and musicianship. Cyndi's vocals were beautifully captured at Contrast Recording, Saskatoon in a virtual session with Steve in mid-March, and the mastering was wrapped up earlier this week.

    Gratitude will be available on most streaming services on April 28th, and can also be found on Cyndi's website,  It should be coming soon to CJWW's Sunday night gospel show as well.

    Give it a listen and be prepared to hear some encouraging, heart-stirring, beautiful tunes!



  • Offerings

    Various Artists

    April 2022

    After 25 CD’s, this EP, “Offerings”,  is my first professionally recorded one, with the very talented Steve Wingfield at the helm, producing, arranging, playing and doing background vocals.    It features one brand new track and six re-recorded songs, which were previously done over a span of 18 years.  This project was created mainly as a demo of several different styles to share with others who may want to record or use them, but also to introduce them to new audiences.  Several songs are in the southern gospel/Gaither genre, others are more praise/worship, and some are in between!

  • The Name

    Various Artists

    May 2022

    The name above every other name. 

    The name that is so precious, so filled with power and authority, and so life-giving.


    The songs on this CD focus on this, as well as some of the other names we know Him by.  It encourages us to acknowledge and exalt His name and reminds us of the greatness it encompasses. Some are simple worship choruses and others are anthems declaring confidence in His Holy and mighty name. They include some of the Hebrew names, such as Yeshua Hamaschiach (Jesus the Messiah), and Adonai (Lord), which add depth to our understanding and richness to the characteristics encompassed by His names.  He embodies so many qualities that many names are needed in our attempts to describe Him.

    Be encouraged to spe...

  • Unshakeable

    Various Artists

    April 2021

    This CD is filled with songs of hope, encouragement and confidence in our Holy, Sovereign God.  I truly feel these songs were meant to be shared at this time – when there is so much heartache, turmoil, fear and uncertainty in our world.  Whatever the struggle or trial, we can stand firm on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ, and know that He holds us in His loving arms through it all.  He is Unshakeable, and His word is eternally true. Some of these songs are brand new, others were written years ago and many were born in times of deep prayer for loved ones facing difficult circumstances.  I pray that they will speak peace and hope into your heart, inspiring greater confidence and trust in the Unshakeable One.  As always, much love and apprec...


  • Everything Within Me Cries

    Worship song video capturing beautiful fall scenery and heartfelt praise.

  • Jesus, Holy One

    Christmas song of praise to Jesus, the Infinite, Holy One who came to earth as the greatest gift! A beautiful snowy day and old barn capture the joy of the celebration. Joined by our children.

  • The Only One Who Can

    P & W song with scenic background views.  Focused on God's greatness and that we can come to Him because He alone is able to meet all our needs.