Kristina Gasparic-Block: Piano/Keyboard, Accompanist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Music Educator

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Kristina Gasparic-Block
Regina, SK

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Kristina Gasparic-Block is songwriter, lead vocalist, keyboardist and rhythm guitar player for her multi-genre rock project, Kriss The Sky and is also piano player, lead and backup vocalist for Alley Cats Kris & Stu Duo.  

She has accompanied many bands and artists through her extensive musical career, including Wonderland, J.J. Voss, Conrad BigKnife and the AllStar band for the CKRM Talent Search.  

  As Kriss The Sky, Kristina has released 3 singles, 1 original and 2 cover arrangements in 2021.

Her new single, a powerhouse rock recording, will be set for release late spring of 2022. 

Her music is available on all digital media platforms. Visit the link here:




From Single

Love and Postcards feat. Stu Block

From Single


  • Love and Postcards feat. Stu Block

    First original release as Kriss The Sky. This song is a power duet with husband, Stu Block, which showcases their softer but still edgy musical personalities. 

    Kristina wrote this song while Stu was extensively touring with his group and so is climactic and has a special place in their hearts.

    Kristina's brother, Johnny Gasparic of MCC Studios, played all guitars, bass, mixed and mastered to bring this song to a higher level of production. Session drummer, Chad Melchert, recorded all dr...