Elephant Seal

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Alternative, Rock


Joshua Peters
Saskatoon, SK


Making their live debut on the eve of a pandemic, Elephant Seal revealed their contemplative songs telling the story of a family experiencing loss and searching out truths. The Saskatoon based group released their debut album earlier in 2019, mixed, mastered, and produced by Matt Stinn. Spring of 2021 saw the release of a new single, Fear to Fly, produced by Matt Stinn and mastered by Trevor Case. The single debuted at #3 at Valley FM Radio 89.5 in Australia and also saw airplay in Europe and North America.  

Elephant Seal’s sound swirls with dark and minor undertones, but amidst the biting guitar riffs and thundering, intentional rhythms is ethereal anticipation in the bright notes of the keys and an occasional bouncy optimism throughout the bottom end. There are moments of post-rock, elements of classic rock, and a blend of jazz-like smoothness with the grit and sorrow of the blues, endearing the band to fans of progressive lounge rock, dark wave, and alt rock.

As the band begins work on a new full length release for 2022, they are carefully crafting and re-crafting songs with multi-layered sounds and intimate notes that will provide a distant response to the character lore of their debut.