Synthetik Blonde

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Cover Artist - Multi Genre, Electronica, Pop, Rock


Stefani Kleppe
2245 Montague st
regina, SK, S4T 3K4

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Nice to meet you!!! We are a brand new female fronted duo-Stefani Michele Kleppe and Brad Evanochko. We have a number of songs published and available on all streaming platforms with our next big release coming soon (see our attached link hub to connect with us and stay up to date). Our sound and music is a mix of indie edm, synthpop, nudisco style covers and original songs that are sure to get you moving and grooving. Inspirations for our music is birthed from an eclectic mix of Pink Floyd, Doobie brothers, Journey, Madonna, Whitney Houston, and current EDM style music but with that strong twist of disco funk guitar (I LOVE DISCO). We're about to launch our first official album and just completed our first two private show bookings after Sask re-opened-we just started writing and releasing this past year (2021).

We're interesting in expanding our audience via online streaming as well as booking shows.



Fly With Me

From Synthetik Love

Blue Moon

From Synthetik Love


From Synthetik Love

In Love

From Synthetik Love

I Want You

From Synthetik Love

Pure Love

From Synthetik Love

Let's Go Dancing

From Synthetik Love

Without You

From Synthetik Love