Synthetik Blonde

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Stefani Kleppe
2245 Montague st
regina, SK, S4T 3K4

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Stefani here. I’m going to share about how I met Brad and we made this beautiful experience we call Synthetik Blonde. But I’m going to tell you the PG version, because you have to book us to get the X-Rated tale in full. Mmmmmkayyy????? 


Before the 2019 plague hit I was being lured into joining a ‘Ladies of the Eighties’ band and in the background of these offers and nights out on the town was ‘this man Brad’ I’d heard about. On a fateful night, I pulled into a venue and watched Brad on stage. My body lurched in all the deepest places. I had found my muse, my partner and my best friend! I can’t even…


From a gifted family of artists, at five I could read music and taught myself piano and organ. Over the years I’ve added clarinet, saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele. My being, my body are about making art: I sing, I dance (pick a genre - i’m in), I have modeled, and engaged in theater, painting, writing...


It’s not all just being blonde and engaging in sexy stage antics and photoshoots - I have a day job that puts me in front of students so I can foster a love of the arts and music with the next generation and all the ones after that. That’s another space where Brad and I intersect. He has decades of experience teaching, too. A long time instructor with Long and McQuade's Rock Skool program, he wants to see musicians blooming everywhere. 

I get to brag on Brad, now. Formerly, the lead guitar player in ‘Sonic Orchid’. He also actively tours and performs in Canadian cover band ‘Dangerous Cheese.’  Brad has looked out from the performer’s side of the stage playing in: Cherry Bomb, Crush, Whatever and Kriss The Sky and at summer festivals, including Craven Rock Weekend. He’s travelled Canada as an opening act for 54.40, Helix, Headpins and Kim Mitchell and he was a founding member of a very successful early 90’s band ‘Embrace’ (you may remember their single ‘Tired’ airing on Much MUCH Music).




  • Synthetik Love

    Various Artists

    January 2022

    An album featuring tracks regarding all things love. Each track offering reflections, commentary and/or conversation on the challenges of finding love, falling in love, keeping love and letting go of love. Some stories are based on specific true events while others based on general observations in and of society. The album title (and track title song) is a bit cheeky in nature challenging the conventions and way we love to love and is also a pun for our notable and delicious synth sounds.

    Album tracks in order:

    La La La

    Fly With Me

    In Love (based on a true story)

    Without You (based on a true story)


    Blue Moon

    Pure Love

    Synthetik Love


    Various Artists

    June 2023

    Synthetik Blonde asks the listener to break mirrors with their sophomore 8 track album PIECES. Written solely from a female's perspective, the cheeky and empowering album points a playful feminine finger at the need to break free from societal norms. With an honest and fearless approach, each individual track explores the parts of self we keep hidden and the parts we bare; a multitude of masks we wear when operating in our dad to day; only fractally showing our true selves. With unapologetic lyrics and captivating melodies, PIECES is all about breaking down walls and  inspiring proud authenticity, self-love and acceptance.


In Love

From Synthetik Love

Love Is The Answer


Fire & Ice


Dreams Of You


I Am Free


New Addiction


Under My Skin


New Addiction - Dirty Disco Remix



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