Ganarly Films

Categories: Video

Genres: Alternative, Blues, Country, Rock


Scott Woroniuk
314 Egbert Ave
Saskatoon , SK, S7H 1X1

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Saskatoon-based video company looking for artists to partner up with to help bring your music to the screen.

Having over 10+ years on the road as a musician and over 20 years performing live as well as being a former on-air radio personality, I have a fantastic understanding of the music industry.

Artists I have worked with directly include Black Rain, Afterglow, Harreson James, Riff Raff, and the Duchess of Dub with Rainbow Glory as well as indirectly having worked with the Sheepdogs and One Bad Son filming their live performances.

I have experience capturing both live performances and simulated live performance videos but have soooo many ideas and concepts for narrative and concept videos and would love to help you bring your vision to the screen.

I understand that the industry is still recovering from Covid and I am willing to exchange a financial stake for a creative stake in a video's creation.

Let's get together for a coffee and talk about your dreams!



  • Black Rain - "It's OK"

    Shot at O'Brien's Event Center with only two takes available to shoot while the band was tracking to the preproduced track.

    Now has over 100k YouTube views. 

  • Harreson James - Wicked Game (Live Acoustic Cover)

    Shot in a few hours at the incredible Sound Castle Studio in Viscount, SK.

    Audio was recorded live by Chris Douglas from Toneshift Audio with a few retakes for video purposes.

  • Duchess of Dub w/ Rainbow Glory - "Dub-Hop"

    Shot over a few hours in the Third Avenue United Church in Saskatoon - what a venue!

    Required many hours in post to add the VFX 

  • Afterglow - "For You"

    Afterglow were incredible to work with. Shooting time was basically cut in half due to unforeseen circumstances so we ended up creating with what we managed to capture.