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Jackie Kroczynski
8918 Bowers Dr
North Battleford, SK, S9A 3C2

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Jackie K is a multi talented from North Battleford, known for her lifelong passion for music and storytelling. Drawing inspiration from the prairies and its people, Jackie’s music is infused with their spirit. Jackie  has recently been nominated for a Saskatchewan Country Music Association Alt Country Album of the Year Award as well as SMCA Keyboard Player of the Year (June 2024)

Jackie’s  latest album, "She's A Story," was released on March 8th 2023 to coincide with International Women's Day. This album weaves together ten stories that celebrate the lives of women and the challenges they navigate. Across a diverse range of genres and styles, Jackie's music embraces each song’s characters, ultimately fostering empathy within the listener.

Jackie loves performing on her and with her bass playing partner Tom. It's a real treat when they can get the whole band together. Jackie is currently working on a new album that she hopes to release in the Spring of 2025.


  •  Jackie K Releases

    Jackie K Releases "She's A Story" for International Women's Day 2023

    March 6, 2023

    North Battleford Musician Jackie K is releasing her first full-length album, She's A Story on March 8th, International Women's Day. "There are stories to tell about the lives of women”  says Jackie K, “ complex, strong, loving narratives. ” 

    Produced by Randy Woods, She's A Story, spotlights the spirit of women living through a variety of triumphs and trials. Each track takes on a character and style of its own. Several of the songs are personal ones for Jackie, including the first single, “When You Almost Didn’t Love Me”. This sunshine pop tune ‚Äčthe sunshine pop tune feels right out of the best nostalgic Canadian beach movie you’ve never seen. 

    “Writing and singing about personal situations certainly keeps me honest as a musician,”says Jackie, as she talks about another song that is special to her. “I wrote ‘Burnage Lane’ after my mother-in-law passed away last winter. It was the name of my in-laws' acreage in Saskatchewan where they had lived for forty years. It was her wish to always stay there, not to have to live in a nursing home. She was a woman determined to live life on her own terms, right to the end.” 

    “Usually I wouldn't have noticed the similarities between myself and Queen Elizabeth II but after her passing last September I began to think about how we were kind of alike” Jackie says with a laugh as she talks about her track  “I’m the Queen”. A bluesy tune about being the queen of your own kingdom.

    Savvy guitar lines from Randy Woods and slick drums from Kyle Krysa make “Madame Sun” a welcome tropical retreat in the Saskatchewan winter. It's an uptempo Latin inspired number about a senior that Jackie observed while on holiday in Mexico. The saxophone stylings of Connor Newton take this tune up a notch!

    Jackie features the spoken word of  Cree musician Falynn Baptiste on “Honour Her Spark”, a song for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Jackie will be donating proceeds from “Honour Her Spark” to the Battlefords and Area Sexual Assault Centre. 

    The album closes with a head nodding, groove tune “Sleep”. “I find it really hard to sleep,” says Jackie, “and I think that’s true for lots of women, for lots of people.” This tune features some great bass playing from Tom Kroczynski, and it’s got a laid back vibe that is a great album closer.”

    Jackie K is a Prairie girl from start to finish, and the wide-open spaces of Saskatchewan, and the people that inhabit them, find their way into every corner of her songs. Her music has been compared to that of Amy Rigby and Lucinda Williams, and she is happy to name gifted songwriters like Nancy Griffith as influences on her work. She also doesn’t want us to forget that her love of jazz as performed by artists such as Nina Simone continues to percolate through her songwriting, her recordings, and her performances.

    When she isn’t writing or performing, Jackie conducts the bands and teaches guitar to high school students at North Battleford Comprehensive High School. Jackie is a member of SaskMusic, CARAS, SOCAN, BMI, SAC, and the AFM#553.

    Check out more from Jackie & pre-save the album: https://linktr.ee/jackiekro



  • Jackie K Releases New EP

    Jackie K Releases New EP

    December 7, 2021

    North Battleford based artist, Jackie K, released her first EP on November 26th.

    The album launch of Look for the Little Things comes on the heels of Kroczynski’s two singles released in 2021. Those included "Nurse Jane" and also "Night at the Opry", with the latter reaching Number Four on the Canadian Indie Top 100 Country Countdown.

    Look for the Little Things sees Jackie teaming up with producer Sean Davis Newton (Grade School Records) to craft three new songs, each with a unique sound palette. From the upbeat acoustic sound of “Dandelions Everywhere” to the off-kilter waltz “Green Heals Me,” these songs look at life from the back step. Jackie is joined by Tom Kroczynski (Crooked Creek) on bass, Phill Rodda on drums, Sean Davis Newton (Trace Italian) on guitar, Connor Newton (Contrafact, Bombargo) on sax, and Patrick Whelan on fiddle.

    The release culminates a musical project that Kroczynski has been something she had been working on since last winter. The cover art is a silkscreen that Kroczynski had made years ago and finally put to good use. 

    Look for the Little Things is available on Bandcamp and all streaming services.


  • Jackie Kroczynski Releases New Single

    Jackie Kroczynski Releases New Single

    May 20, 2021

    Jackie Kroczynski has just released her newest single that is a bit of a history lesson and a ghost story. "Nurse Jane" is a song that tells the story from one of Saskatchewan's most haunted landmarks; Fort San. 

    The Tuberculosis Sanatorium was built by the Provincial Government to help combat Tuberculosis and opened in 1917. In 1967, the Government opened the Sask. Summer School for the Arts, and the site was used in this capacity until 1991. Jackie attended this Summer School many years, and there was always talk of ghosts and hauntings, and mysterious sounds.

    "Nurse Jane" tells the story of a nurse that worked at the hospital not long after its opening. Without giving away the story, she had continued to be seen on the site of the former hospital until the building was demolished in 2016/2017.

    All music and lyrics by Jackie Kroczynski. Sound was mixed by Sean Davis Newton at Grade School Records, Edmonton.



  • Look for the Little Things

    Various Artists

    November 2021

  • She's A Story

    Various Artists

    March 2023

  • When I'm Next to You

    Various Artists

    November 2023


Dandelions Everywhere

From Look for the Little Things


  • I'm the Queen