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Genres: Pop, Religious/Inspirational/Spiritual, Urban, World


Emmanuel Yusuf
2009 Alberta Ave
Saskatoon, SK, S7K 1S2

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Emanali is a 19-year-old multi-genre East African Artist. His unique style and voice acknowledges many of his favourite genres, however he mainly focuses on Hip-hop, Afrobeat, RnB, and Pop.

Emanali credits growing up in east Africa for his love of music. What started as “a therapeutic way to express myself” later turned into reality when Emanali released his first EP ‘Only 15’ in November 2017. ‘Only 15’, ironically named because of his age at the time, lead to him opening for Mainstream major artist such as T-Pain, Nelly, Roywood$, and more within the next 5 months. Emanali is a ‘triple-hybrid artist’ meaning he is a fluent rapper, singer, and producer (Emanalibeatz). Emanali is also trilingual, speaking English, Arabic, and his tribal language Ma’di, which he now incorporates into his music.