Viktor Von Vulgar

Categories: Groups and Duos, Musicians: Vocalist

Genres: Broadway/Theatre, Rock


Viktor von Vulgar
Regina, SK


Take this band seriously at your own peril. They have been known to cause fights at their shows, strip completely naked onstage, brawl with security, drink excessively, destroy equipment, ignore fire safety regulations, and incite violent and unruly behaviour in their fans. At the center of all this madness is the titular frontman, Viktor Von Vulgar (no known alias), who genuinely seems to enjoy the chaos his band wreaks. 

Why anyone would ever want to book this band is beyond me. 

The only recordings of the band currently are bootleg tapes from their disastrous live shows. They had been scheduled to release a studio album in 2017, but it never materialized - the guitarist known only as "Karkus" quit the band in the middle of a show the following year and was never seen again. The remaining members (known in fan communities only as "Beastwood," "Dirty Mike," "the Drummer," and Viktor) have reportedly continued touring in Europe. Two singles were released in 2020 (recorded, again, at live shows in Stockholm and New York City) but no full album was ever released.