Braindead Romeo

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Andrew Brandt
Regina, SK

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If the Devil were in a drag race is a '75 Camaro, Braindead Romeo would be playing on his stereo. They're a rock n' roll band who likes playing loud and fast, while writing lyrics about weird topics like zombies and robots and nuclear war and .... love?! Weirdos, man, I tell ya. 

Braindead Romeo have put out 4 albums of original music since 2012, each time choosing to take more and more control over the recording process. The most recent effort, NUCLEAR CAMPFIRE, was produced, mixed, and mastered by the band. They're proud of it. 

Hopefully in the near future, BR can come rock out in your hometown. 


  • Regina's Braindead Romeo Release 'Nuclear Campfire' - The power of going acoustic

    Regina's Braindead Romeo Release 'Nuclear Campfire' - The power of going acoustic

    January 16, 2021

    "In 2019 electricity failed, on a doomsday proportion, apocalypse scale. A mechanical seizure, a battery coup d'etats."

    This is the alternate reality we find ourselves in for Braindead Romeo's brand-new acoustic rock opera, Nuclear Campfire. The water is poison, New York is a smoking crater, men can become gods and vice versa, and a rock band sets out into the wasteland on an unplugged tour. 

    Braindead Romeo have set out to prove that acoustic guitars are just as heavy as electric ones, that garbage can sound just as good as a real drum set, that pipe organs absolutely DO have a place in a rock n' roll band, and that punk rock can be played at any volume. Follow us on this super weird journey to an alternate 2034, partake in our legends and myths, and decide for yourself whether or not The Gravedigger really exists.



  • Nuclear Campfire

    Various Artists

    December 2020

    The power has been out for seventeen years. Most of the people you know and love (and hate) are dead. New York is a smoking crater. But don't worry - Braindead Romeo are here. And they're going on an unplugged tour, looking for survivors. 

  • War is What We're Good For

    Various Artists

    June 2018

    Ten songs designed to blow doors down.

    Each one was honed to perfection from years onstage. The performances are outstanding. For the best listening experience, we highly recommend that you crank this one as loud as you possibly can. 

  • White Noize City

    Various Artists

    July 2014

    This was out first stab at recording an album from home, and it's safe to say we learned a heck of a lot from that process. Most of these songs had been in our live show since 2010, and some were written much earlier than that. 

  • Soul'd Out

    Various Artists

    February 2012

    We were just little babies back then. We brought five songs to a 'pro' studio and paid to have them recorded - and then we never did that again. Not that the album turned out bad, really... we just wanted to have absolute control over our sound.