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Christian Douglas
Box 231
Allan, SK, S0K 0C0

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Christian Douglas (toneshifter) is a Saskatchewan-born songwriter, musician & producer.
He is the owner of The Sound Castle studio (Viscount, SK) where he engineers, writes and produces music most of the time.



  • Toneshifter Releases Debut Music Video & New Single

    Toneshifter Releases Debut Music Video & New Single "Illusions" January 28th, 2021

    January 26, 2021

    You came from nothingness. Photons excite the retina at the back of your eyeball and photoreceptors convert the light into electrical signals. Your brain translates that electrical energy into images, and now everything seems like something. That somethingness is YOUR illusion. What will you do with it before you return to nothingness?

    The song was written, recorded, and mixed by Christian Douglas at The Sound Castle studio in Viscount, SK. Ryan Andersen provided additional engineering, and the song was mastered by Trevor Case.

    The music video was filmed and edited by Matticulous Media, stars Nealz Garand, and was written and directed by Christian Douglas.

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My First Pandemic