Alley Cats Kris & Stu Duo

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Genres: Cover Artist - Multi Genre, Jazz, Pop, Rock


Kristina & Stu Gasparic-Block
Regina, SK

Mobile: Show phone number
Mobile: Show phone number


We are a husband and wife duo/ team who are passionate about sharing our music to a live audience. You’ll hear our arrangements of diverse pop, jazz and country-rock covers and original music delivered with a wide spectrum of emotions in a fun-loving way. Some of the artists we cover are Elton John, Suzie Quattro, Fleetwood Mac, Bill Withers, Etta James, Roy Orbison, Janis Joplin and many more! We perform at a variety of shows and events and are able to deliver holiday and special themed shows for events such as Valentine's Day and Christmas. 



  • Alley Cats Medley Video

    This is our live promotional video from one of our shows in September, 2020. It is a medley of various songs we cover. Hope you enjoy!!