Categories: Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Alternative, Folk, Pop, Urban


Tyler Dahl
Saskatoon, SK


Nolto is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He began creating and performing music with Factor Chandelier and Side Road Records in 2001 and has released many projects throughout the years.

His unique style has been described as "not quite rapping and not quite singing," which has served his songwriting well. Nolto often writes songs about depressing and/or controversial subject matter, while singing over happy, upbeat, and melodic music. The result evokes conflicting emotions, not unlike thrill and fear competing in the mind of a bungee jumper. 

His newest project (Nov 2020), "Sit-Down Comedy," is a collaboration with producer Dren and is being released in partnership with three record labels: Saskatoon Folk Rap Records (CAN), Audio Recon (USA), and Pen Thief Records (GER), all of which are focusing on the resurgence of physical formats, including CDs, tape cassettes, and vinyl.


Date Event Venue
Jun 16
Factor Chandelier & Ceschi Album Release Show
Saskatoon, SK