Orange Dollar

Categories: Groups and Duos, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Rock


Aidan Sisk
Regina, SK


Orange Dollar is a husband and wife rock duo based in Regina, SK. Having played music together for over a decade, they started releasing music in 2020. With a small audience but big energy, they anticipate playing throughout Saskatchewan and beyond.



  • Orange Dollar

    Various Artists

    June 2021

    Orange Dollar’s debut album releases digitally June 25, 2021, and will be available on vinyl and cassette at a later date in Summer 2021. The album packs a list of 12 eclectic selections spread across a spectrum of genres and themes. Entirely independent, the album was written, arranged, performed, recorded, and mixed in its entirety by Orange Dollar’s two members, Aidan and Thi. Written and recorded over the course of 14 months, the self-titled album aims to be both intrinsically self-narrative, as well as to explore stories of emotion, insight, and intimacy.