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Adam Breitkreuz
Springside, SK

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Hi, I'm Adam Breitkreuz. I am a producer, engineer and songwriter living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I absolutely love music and following that passion has led me to many things including forming the band, Flood the Stone, in which I played drums and was the principle songwriter. With FTS I wrote and recorded 2 full length albums and toured extensively in Canada and the United States, as well as touring New Zealand in 2016. Our band was met with radio success and several awards and nominations.

In the autumn of 2017 I began a new solo project called Bright Lights Music which encompasses everything I love about music; songwriting, production and recording excellence. In March 2020, I released a solo album with the label, Graffiti Alley, for sync licensing opportunities. In the midst of all that, I am recording and producing music for various artists in Bright Lights Studio.

I started writing for this album in 2019 for Graffiti Alley, a Canadian label representing artists for sync licensing under the parent company APM. The album is entirely written, produced and performed by myself with notable contributions by Joel Ivey on songwriting and vocals on various tracks and Steve Gibson on guitars. The album is mainly inspirational pop/rock with elements of folk and EDM mixed in. Check out for other great artists and to use these tracks in any of your videos.



  • Jump Into the Sun

    Various Artists

    March 2020

    Debut album released in March 2020 for APM Music with Graffiti Alley


Can't Stop Us Now

From Jump Into The Sun

One Nation

From Jump Into The Sun

Rolling in the Stars

From Jump Into The Sun

We were the Lucky Ones

From Jump Into The Sun

Work it Out

From Jump Into The Sun