The Corner Hotel

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Genres: Electronic, Sound Art, Urban


Corey Bryson
Regina, SK

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The Corner Hotel is the new musical identity of artist Corey Bryson. Born out of uncertainty and anxiety, in a fairly shitty time in our current history. The music reflects a more spirited nature. Electronic rhythms, ambient textures with field-recorded landscapes driving the music forward with a distinctly human and a sensitive feeling.



  • Doors

    Various Artists

    May 2022

    Inspired by the conversations, thoughts, place and energy during the Sept 2021 Songs4Nature workshop, this music is meant to inspire us to get together, forget our anxiety and just dance off the grit that's been weighing us down lately! You know, close your eyes and get into it! Let it move you! These short tracks can seem like a brief moment, or a lifetime if you let it. The use of house and breakbeat style beats, swelling sounds, driving piano riffs and soft voices will keep you going. From end to end, The Corner Hotels new album Doors tells a story of overcoming anxiety, facing the causes head on and searching for solutions. This album is genre breaking music, with sounds that will carry you towards places you've never been, all the w...