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Genres: Alternative, Pop


Saskatoon, SK

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velours is a Saskatoon, SK singer/songwriter full of emotion, carried by a velvet voice, who is continuously writing and performing Alternative Pop music that connects with others on an empathetic level. Her desire to understand and explore feeling through music, while not taking things too seriously, resonates with her audience. 

The Canadian artist, speaking English and French––and sometimes a weird mix of both––, has been singing and writing music since she could hum along to the music playing in the car. Jamming to CDs her mom would put on, ranging from anti-establishment punk to indie pop, this artist has fallen in love with––and mildly obsessed over––all kinds of music. Growing up, velours listened to a variety of artists, and has been influenced by them all in intimate ways.

Just in the past year, velours has been selected for the SaskMusic Songwriting Challenge; became a semi-finalist for the Unsigned Only Music Competition; was asked to perform at the TSAR Showcase in Saskatoon, SK; performed in Yorkton, as a part of the International Women’s Day concert; and was selected for one of SaskMusic’s Open House Livestreams. 

Her single  “Tell Me” was also put on the CBC Saskatoon Morning Spotify Playlist, as well as CBC Searchlight’s Playlist. An unreleased track, “Whatever That Means”, has also appeared on both local and provincial radio shows to high praise. Most recently, velours has been interviewed by Vally Benny on CJTR 91.3FM to promote her new EP, where he featured “Summer Haze” and “Your Sweater”. Her song “Your Sweater” was featured on CBC Saskatoon Morning Show, and “Good Boy” was featured on Regina CBC Morning Show. Furthermore, “Summer Haze” and “Your Sweater” have been selected and featured on CBC Morning’s official Spotify playlists. 

velours aims to connect with audiences at a visceral level, while, at the same time, entertaining her audiences. 



  • Identity

    Various Artists

    September 2020

    velours explores who we are and how we treat not only ourselves, but each other, in her debut EP "Identity". Through denial, manipulation, understanding, and acceptance, this EP uses clever lyrics and emotional depth to find out who we are... who knows if there's an answer! 

    Thank you to my mama first and foremost for being the most beautiful and supportive person I could ask for <3 

    Thank you to the highly acclaimed Ryan Stewart for bringing my songs to life with your killer production! 

    And thank you to all of you for supporting my music! Love you, freaks


Your Sweater

From Identity

Good Boy

From Identity

Tell Me

From Identity


  • Tell Me

    Held me down so long...

  • Your Sweater

    Produced By - Versa Films

    Director / DP - Dylan Hryciuk

    1st Assistant Director - Brianne Janex

    Gaffer / 1st AC - Gavin Baird

    Hair and Makeup Artist - Sheila Janzen

    Production Assistants - Jeremy Ratzlaff, Anthony Prima, Mitch Oliver

    Set Decorator - Hannah Crease Maclean

    Editor - Dylan Hryciuk

  • Whatever That Means

    CREW Produced by: Versa Films

    Director: Dylan Hryciuk

    1st Assistant Director/Assistant Editor: Brianne Janex

    Hair and Makeup Artist: Sheila Janzen

    Set Decorator: Laura Crossman

    TV and Projectionist: Steph Kuse

    Locations Manager: Rylan Schultz

    Editor: Dylan Hryciuk