Cameron & Crawford

Categories: Groups and Duos, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Alternative, Jazz, Pop


Wendy Crawford
114 Rosedale Rd.
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 4Z4

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Cameron & Crawford is made up of sisters Wendy Crawford and Trish Cameron. They are singer/songwriters working out of Saskatoon. They have been performing and writing together since 2014. They have released 3 singles since November 2019. Wendy plays guitar, keyboards and sings. Trish plays mandolin, guitar, and sings. They have a wide and varied repertoire that includes plenty of original tunes and lots of covers, which they often perform with bass player, Wayne Gustafson. They cover jazz standards, latin/bossa music, and pop classics. Their musical heroes include Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Sergio Mendes, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Jimmy Webb, Cole Porter, Burt Bacharach, Steely Dan, and the many great bands of the 60's and 70's. These influences can be heard in their original music. They are part of an international songwriting group and the Saskatoon Regional  S.A.C. group. They started recording in May 2019 and have completed 3 released singles and 1 unreleased single. New projects are in the works. 



  • Great Wall

    Great Wall is a song that addresses the false barriers that separate people and keep them in a weakened state. It's a call to tear down the walls and regain freedom through the power of love. It has a captivating opening bass riff, driving beat, guitar, piano, mandolin and wonderful vocal harmonies.

  • Indigo Delight

    Indigo Delight is a jazz-influenced, romantic song celebrating the peace and beauty of the twilight hours. The mood is captured with guitar, bass, percussion, piano, and vocals.