Warped Vinyl

Categories: Music Books and Videos, Retail Record/Stereo Stores

Genres: Classical, Country, Jazz, Rock


Richard Rothenburger
Centennial Market, 1908 7th Avenue
Regina, SK

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Warped Vinyl is a newly established record store located at the Centennial Market in Regina.  Warped Vinyl carries used records, cds, dvds posters, patches, licensed band merchandise including handmade leather wrist cuffs and other jewelry as well as hand crafted vinyl record creations. 

Warped Vinyl, started in 2016 as a hobby for owner, Richard Rothenburger. Originally, Richard used warped and damaged records to create handcrafted items.  After a couple of years, Richard refrained from creating vinyl record items and Warped Vinyl look at break for almost two years.  On July 4, 2020, Warped Vinyl opened as a used record store and has quickly evolved into a diverse store celebrating music of all genres.  As Warped Vinyl continues to grow, we hope to offer Saskatchewan and Canadian bands/artists an opportunity to sell their merchandise in our store.  

Please visit Warped Vinyl in person during regular business hours and follow us on facebook and instagram, Facebook: warpedvinyl76@gmail.com and instagram is @warped76.