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Corey Bryson
5827 Keffner Bay
Regina, SK, S4X 4B8

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Life is complicated, filled with everything wonderful, odd and unpredictable. It's also filled with mishaps, misunderstandings, insecurity and imperfections, so am I, and so is this music. It’s meant to be honest, a reflection of experience.


  • The Abominable Dr. Super Working Hard on New Music

    The Abominable Dr. Super Working Hard on New Music

    May 11, 2020

    I've gone a bit mad during these times of isolation and come up with an alias, The Abominable Dr. Super. I've been trying to write and record a new song every day for the last few weeks and have been fairly successful so far and I will continue with only a few breaks in between. I can already see a few new albums cropping up. The first one an all acoustic and another album made completely electronic. The acoustic is framed around the idea of Prairie Folk(s), musical portraits of the people around me and the electronic album (Dr. Super) is highly detailed and layered, something from the inner depths of my imagination and framed around the ideas in modern science fiction and the views of a dystopian future.

    Wish me luck,




  • From the Loading Dock To You

    Various Artists

    May 2019

    Music/sounds/noise played, samples found, recorded, and changed but they all in some way, draw from the experiences I've had at the gallery in the last 8 years.

    'Look at the Light' and 'Close Your Eyes...' were recorded during a lunch break, on the loading dock and I took the cover photo then as well.

    'Swaying in the Breeze' was recorded while playing the piano inside the Karen Tam exhibition titled "With wings like clouds hung from the sky."

    It's been a slice my friends (ahem...there is pizza in the image) and if you listen from start to finish this album is sure to take you on a journey.

    Please enjoy!


    released May 3, 2019

  • Colour Me with that Translucency

    Various Artists

    June 2018

    This album is a very thickly layered at times an all-encompassing wall of sound with brief reprieves, minimal moments and of course, a little humor.

    Please listen to it as you would appreciate contemporary visual art in a gallery, there is a strong message here. I hope to play this live in complete darkness for a group someday.

    The better your speakers the more you'll hear, i've really considered all elements with a very specific arrangement and depth. It felt more like creating a sculpture than a song with most tracks.


    released June 6, 2018

    Thanks and love to:
    Cristelle and Isabella

  • Above the Surface, Below the Water

    Various Artists

    September 2016

    * NASA featured "Goodnight From Space" in the Goddard Space Centre!

    This album was composed, played and recorded all in one day. A moment of clarity as it were, almost as if time stopped for me. These songs just happened, and that doesn't happen often for me.

    Since then I have been mastering the album during my lunch hours and having fun taking documenting photographs of the random spaces as seen here:

    The cover art is shot the day that I finished the album (yesterday as I write) while on a ferry to Victoria. The paint finally soaked in.

    Also, the day before I had my 4th finger broken, slammed between a 1/2ton truck door. Which was just an obstacle I suppose h...

  • Creating Quiet on a Noisy Planet

    Various Artists

    January 2018

    This album, if I am to describe it, is a daily log of feelings and impressions. With the likeness of a photo album I'm using sound instead of pictures, it's a place that exists where a mistake will not and an intimate portrait of people living.

    It's easy to get caught up in all the noise.

    Images to accompany the sound:

    *All was recorded on my cell phone, yep...and mastering was minimal, just a few compressors and reverb.


    released January 30, 2018

  • A Warm Night

    Various Artists

    August 2013

    After living on Vancouver Island for a year I wanted to express some of my initial impressions and a few nostalgic bits from the recent past. This album is a sampling of ideas and musical sketches and I hope you enjoy! 


  • Traveler

    Various Artists

    November 2012

    An album inspired by travel; places visited, feelings carried, impressions and experience. To me it was an another adventure, traveling in a sort of studio cosmography trying to translate it all into music and sound.


    released November 2, 2012

    A multitude of different techniques and instruments used in this one, as it should be.

  • Isabella's Hands

    Various Artists

    December 2014

    This album is very personal as it was written and recorded for my daughter, before she was born and a few tracks after. This is not and will never be for sale, it's just for her.

    Created with love,




From From The Loading Dock To You

Fly in a Jar

From Colour me with that Translucency

Goodnight From Space

From Above the Water Below the Surface

Autumn in Victoria

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