Christopher James Vasseur

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Christopher Vasseur
Saskatoon, SK

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Christopher James Vasseur is a newish singer/songwriter on the local Saskatoon music scene. After years of playing in basement rock bands in Calgary, Chris moved home to Saskatchewan and switched his focus to more guitar based acoustic type music.  Partly the reason for this was his newly found talents for guitar building and he also started Happy Teardrops Custom Guitars during this time. 

His love of the instrument grew as did his skill level.  He joined a songwriters group in 2019 and has improved upon his craft even further.  Since then he has enjoyed playing small festivals such as Doylefest and Manitou Busking Festival and is always on the lookout for other small intimate acoustic live performances to take part in.

Christopher loves telling stories and a lot of his music features long narratives including some historical figures, some tales of heartbreak and of course a few good ghost stories.  All of this backed by his finger picking guitar style and baritone voice.

Recently, work has begun on his debut EP entitled Love & Divorce which will be released in the spring/summer of 2022.  This 4 song set includes two tales of love and two of heartbreak during one of the hardest periods of the artists life and its themes include divorce, moving on, coming home, and ultimately finding new love, new friends and a new direction.  Its first single, Prairie Calls Me Home was recently recorded at R.A.I.S. and is available to stream everywhere.



The Bridge

From Single

Ballad of Ghost Road

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