Kelly J. Gill

Categories: Musicians: Vocalist, Solo Artists, Songwriters/Composers

Genres: Country, Roots or Folk


Kelly Gill
Box 54
Halbrite, SK, S0C 1H0

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Kelly's interest in music started at the young age of six years. He found his mother's old 12 button accordion on the farm and the interest turned into a passion. From the old accordion to piano to guitar to singing it was like a thirst that could not be quenched. He performed at single appearances before he could drive legally. As the years progressed he started the band the Prairie Travellers with various band members who played bass, guitar, mandolin, piano and steel guitar. He stayed with the band for 18 years and in that time developed a passion for writing as well. The Prairie Travellers had recorded two albums at Touchwood Studios in Regina Saskatchewan and had performed right across southern Saskatchewan.

    That creative thirst for more however could still not be quenched. He was juggling the home cattle ranch and a full time battery operating business in the oilfield when he decided to head for Nashville. He performed at various venues in Nashville and recorded his first solo album “One More Mile” there as well.  That album had earned many awards in Los Angeles and secured airplay on a global scale.  Kelly continues to perform with current band members from the band The Hired Guns: Neil Atkinson on bass, Wayne Honig on piano, Grant Honig on steel guitar and lead guitars and Kelly on rhythm and lead guitars. In Kelly's words “I perform with the best musicians you could ask for who are just as passionate about music as I am. They are also the craziest cut ups constantly having a blast doing it! Who could ask for more? I hope I never quench the thirst!”